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Photos Taken in 2017 UMACP Annual Dinner Event

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The following is a list of photos taken in the 2017 UMACP Annual Dinner Event.

Below is a representative photo showing a scene where Dr. Jack Hu (UM Vice President for Research) was presenting his talk.


Here are more photos taken in the dinner event:


Bin Zhao, Xueding Wang

From left to right: Yi Zhang, Eugene Chen, Peter Ma, Xueding Wang, Bin Zhao, Zhong Wang

Setup computer system: Oliver He, Amy K. Stillman, Eugene Chen

Ready for dinner:

Xiwen Sheng, Xianzhe Jia

Presentations during dinner:

Remarks to the UMACP, by Dr. James Holloway ~ Vice Provost for Global Engagement and Interdisciplinary Academic Affairs

Update on book ~ Transformative leaders between UM and China, by David Ward ~ Writer

Centenary Barbour Scholarships, by Dr. John Godfrey ~ Assistant Dean, Rackham Graduate School

UM Fundraising in China and Celebration of Ping-Pong Diplomacy, by Bin Zhao ~ UM Development

Confucius Institute at the University of Michigan, by Dr. Joseph Lam ~ Director of CIUM

University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University JI, by Dr. Jun Ni ~ Honorary Dean of UM-SJTU Joint Institute

Update of Collaborations between Michigan Medicine and China, by Dr. Amy Huang, Director, China Programs, Michigan Medicine

UM- BICI Program, by Dr. Chuanwu Xi, Executive Director, UM-BICI Partnership Program

Update UM Research and China Collaboration, by Dr. Jack Hu, UM Vice President for Research

ACP Business and the Future ~ Dr. Eugene Chen: Excellence and Achievements of ACP members; ACP future events

After dinner:

Dr. Eugene Chen and Dr. James Holloway

Ling Qi, Jiandie Lin, Alex Ma, Weiping Zou, Eugene Chen, Liangyou Rui


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