University of Michigan Association of Chinese Professors (UM-ACP)  
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(Passed with unanimous votes at the General Meeting on March 19, 2016) (Revision: Feb 12, 2017, November 1, 2021)  




(a). The name of the organization is “University of Michigan Association of Chinese Professors”, abbreviated UM-ACP. 

(b). Membership of this Association shall be open to University of Michigan faculty of Chinese heritage, regardless of their country of origin or citizenship. The Association shall maintain an electronic mailing list whereby all eligible faculty members at UM are entitled and invited to join unless specifically declined otherwise. 


The mission of the Association includes the following objectives: 

(i) to promote interaction among its members; 

(ii) to exchange ideas on how to thrive at the University of Michigan as an educator, researcher, and community contributor; 

(iii) to serve as a support network and to promote the interests of its members; 

(iv) to promote open, academic and cultural exchanges between the Greater China, and the US. 


The Association is governed by an Executive Committee, which consists of the President, the Past President, the President-Elect, the Secretary-Treasurer ,a Communications Officer (ex-officio member). 

The President or her/his appointed substitute shall represent the Association in Association affairs. The President, in consultation with the Executive Committee, shall have the authority to set up ad hoc committees (task forces) by appointing committee chairs and members, and assigning tasks to members. 

The term of the President shall be two calendar years, from January 1 to December 31, at the expiration of which the President becomes the Past President, and the President-Elect becomes the President. In the event that the President cannot finish his/her term, the President-Elect shall take over the duties of the President for the remaining term, before serving as the President for the elected term. 

The Secretary-Treasurer- shall maintain the Association’s financial account according to rules established by the Executive Committee, and submit a financial report annually. The Secretary-Treasurer shall also maintain the membership list. The Secretary-Treasurer has no term-limit, but its election may be held, at the President’s discretion or motion from the floor at a General Meeting. When a vacancy arises, the President, in consultation with President-elect, can appoint a Secretary/Treasurer in temporary capacity until confirmation by a simple majority vote in the next General Meeting. 

The Communications Officer shall be responsible for Association’s communication related tasks, including maintaining, updating, and further developing the website ( The Communication Officer is to be appointed by the President, in consultation with President-elect. 

The Executive Committee shall have the authority to set the Association’s agenda. 

The Executive Committee can overrule the President by a simple majority. The Association can overrule the Executive Committee by a simple majority vote at a General Meeting. 

Executive committee shall appoint 9 Campus Representatives representing the following six Campus Sites: 2 representatives from each of the following three Ann Arbor campuses: the Central campus, the Medical campus, and the North campus; 1 representative from each of the following three campuses: the Dearborn campus, the Flint campus, and the Ann Arbor North Campus Research Complex campus. In the case that a Campus Representative cannot complete his/her term, the executive committee can appoint a replacement. Campus Representatives will coordinate, implement, and participate in task forces. 

The Advisory Committee of the Association consists of all former presidents of the Association. The President shall, from time to time, consult the Advisory Committee who shall collectively provide stewardship of the Association and its major initiatives. 


Election of Association officers will be monitored by a three-person Election Committee, which is chaired by the President and includes two Association members chosen by the President. The Election Committee members shall not be on the ballot and shall not have conflicts of interest. The Election Committee shall verify the eligibility and availability of the nominees and implement detailed procedures of the election according to the Bylaws. 

Any member of the Association is eligible as a candidate of President-Elect. Any member of the Association may run as the Secretary-Treasurer. 

Nominations (including self-nomination) for the President-Elect, and Secretary-Treasurer when necessary, shall be made to the President, who will confirm the willingness of the candidates to serve. 

The election shall take place in November in every other year either at a General Meeting or by electronic voting. E-mail or absentee votes must be received before the deadline in order to be valid. 

Each Association member shall cast one vote for the ballot.. The person who receives the most number of votes shall be elected (plurality voting). In case of a tie between two leading candidates, the President shall cast the tie-breaking vote. 


The membership dues shall be established by the Executive Committee annually. 


The Association shall hold at least one General Meeting of its members each year. Other General Meetings may be called by the Executive Committee or by the President. Furthermore, written petition may be made to the Executive Committee by at least ten Association members to request the call of a General Meeting. Membership must be notified of the General Meeting at least 10 days in advance. The passing of any resolution should be approved by two-thirds of affirmative votes cast who attend the General Meeting. 


Amendments to the Bylaws must be proposed jointly by at least 10 Association members. Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee, which will organize discussion and debate by Association members prior to its vote at a General Meeting.. Adoption of amendments requires three-quarters of affirmative votes cast by those attending the General Meeting.



  • The PDF version of the 2021 bylaws is avalable Here.
  • The PDF version of the 2016 bylaws is avalable Here. Compared to the 2015 version, two modifications of the bylaws were approved unanimously after discussion and voting: (i) Each term will be two years instead of one year; (2) One more representative is added to the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC) campus in Ann Arbor.
  • The 2015 version of the bylaws is avalable Here.
  • The original version of the bylaws is Here.


Our Mission: Promote member interactions, idea exchange, and academic/cultural exchange between China and USA